The Play

“MATA HARI, don’t blindfold my eyes” is a theatrical monologue written by Carmen Toledo about the life of the famous exotic dancer Mata Hari, who was accused of espionage during the First World War and was shot for it at the age of 41.

It focuses on the issue of using people, and a woman in particular, as
scapegoat for political situations and vested interests.
It’s a story of manipulation, abuse, power games and corrupt processes.
Any connection with what is still happening in the world a century later is mere coincidence.

It’s also the second theatre project that Carmen Toledo has written and directed in Amsterdam. The first was THE RED BOX, a performance about the visibility and empowerment of prostitutes throughout History, continuing the theme of women through the
centuries, based on real characters.

Women have to stop being anecdotal in order to be historical.

This play tries to shed some light on this process that has been going on for centuries and is still going on.

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