The Play

Who tells the truth?
Do you? The media? The governments? The corporations?
Who do you work for?
Do you know who your bosses really are?
Your power ends where the interests of the great media, political and business spider web begins.
As an individual you are nothing more than a fly caught in that net.
You are nothing more than a voice that is easy to silence, easy to blame.

Mata Hari
A woman in wartime, too visible, too connected, a danger for those in power.
The bullets closed her mouth, but no one managed to blindfold her eyes,
those eyes that still look into the face of injustice, throughout History.

“MATA HARI, don’t blindfold my eyes” is a theatrical monologue written by Carmen Toledo about the life of the well-known exotic dancer Mata Hari, who was accused of espionage during the First World War and shot for this cause at 41 years of age.

It focuses on the topic of using people and, more specifically, of a woman, as a scapegoat for political situations and vested interests.

It’s a story of manipulation, abuse, power games and corrupt processes.

Any connection with what’s still happening in the World a century later is mere chance.

It’s also the second theatrical project that Carmen Toledo writes and directs in Amsterdam, the first was THE RED BOX, a performance about the visibility and empowerment of prostitutes throughout History, thus continuing with the theme of Women through the centuries, based on real characters.

Women must stop being anecdotal to be historical.

This play seeks to shed a little light on this process that has been going on for centuries and is still not over.

“A woman’s voice must be heard.”