1) Due to the actual conditions, we can only accommodate 11 spectators per performance at the audience.
2) It’s not possible to buy tickets at the entrance.
3) Once you make your reservation, you will receive a message within a period of no more than 24 hours via email, with the confirmation of the availability of the places you are reserving, and the Health check form to send it to us into the previous 24 hours to the performance. Please, check that the dates are correct and, if for any reason you don’t receive it, please contact us.
4) As the same time that you received the confirmation of the places, you will receive the Tikkie on your mobile phone to make your payment-donation effective for the performance (12€).
5) Once we receive your payment-donation amount, we send you the tickets by mail, so that you can access the space with them, printed or on your mobile phone.
Once your payment-donation has been made, the amount will only be refunded in case of unexpected suspension due to:
a – decision of the Government of the Netherlands to cancel the activity of the theatres in an unexpected way,
b – illness or accident of some of the members of the performance.
c – Taking into account that our audience is reduced for the reasons of the corona measures, we apologized but any amount paid will NOT be refunded for voluntary cancellations of the payer, due the imposibility to recolocate the places at the last moment. But we do accept that you give away your tickets as long as you notify us of the new users’ data and they fill out a Health check form.

1) To access the space you must indicate the name of the reservation and show the printed ticket or on the screen of your mobile phone.
2) Access to the room is allowed 15 minutes before the start time of the performance. Entry is not allowed once the show has started.
3) The audience must enter the space and remain during the performance with a facemask, due to the measures against the Coronavirus.
4) The consumption of food or drinks is not allowed in the space.
5) Animals are not allowed in the space, except guide dogs for blind people.
6) The space is accessible for people in non-motorized wheelchairs.

1) The performance is suitable only for people over 18 years old.
2) The use of mobile phones, or taking photos or videos with any device is NOT allowed during the performance. This is a very close an intimate performance. We hope you can enjoy a real theatre experience respecting concentration and intimacy of the actresses and another people of the audience.

By reserving tickets for the performance, you are accepting these conditions.

​P.S. Please, if you have any doubt, send us an e.mail. We will be delighted to answer you.


Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.
Your personal data provided will only be used by THEREDBOX Projects for the purposes of your reservation and payment, as well as for any communication about the performance, and / or to communicate any matter related to the sanitary conditions currently in force. THEREDBOX Projects may keep your personal data in a file to discreetly notify you of upcoming projects. We do not generate Spam. In no case will your data be shared or transferred to third parties (except in the case of a health emergency and the authorities request it, in which case we would be obliged to do so and it would, however, be for your own health).