The Author & Director

Carmen Toledo

Carmen is an spanish national who was born in Montevideo, Uruguay.

She graduated in Theatre Techniques and Theatre Direction at the Multidisciplinary School of Dramatic Art (EMAD), in Montevideo, and began her professional career working as Assistant Director for most of the theatre directors of the time in Uruguay, and in many theatrical spaces.

She then branched out into other roles: lighting designer, theater teacher and instructor, mask and prop maker, set designer and technical assistant, costume assistant, sound engineer, executive producer and production assistant, stage assistant, prompter, assistant television, among others. She later trained in Cultural Marketing and Services, Event Organization and Intellectual Property.

She was part of the Uruguayan National Comedy team for five years, as a stage assistant and assistant director of various productions, and participating with this cast in International Theatre Festivals in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Asunción (Paraguay), Caracas (Venezuela), Bogotá (Colombia), Mérida (Spain) and Sevilla (Spain).

After she had directed her first plays, she assumed responsibility as Cultural Manager in a cultural complex of a theatre and a museum of the Author’s Association of Uruguay, for which she interrupted her career as a theatre director, an absence that lasted after the 15 years that she later lived in Madrid (Spain), where she worked in another non-artistic field, although she carried out Scenic Games Workshops in Neighborhood Communities, promoting the social integration of adults and children.

Carmen has lived in Amsterdam since 2018, she continues to struggle to have a stable job and to speak the Dutch language fluently and has actively joined the organization of the Inter.Nos Festival, a multidisciplinary cultural event that takes place at Juan C. Tajes Art-Studio & Microteatro, Amsterdam, and also collaborates with other activities related to this space.

In 2020, she resumed her vocation, as writer and director of THE RED BOX, her first monologue written in English, a text that would later become part of a work made up of 4 characters, and which she premiered in December 2020 with a team of four talented actresses, originally from different countries, residing in the Netherlands, performing a season of 16 performances during 2020-2021, despite the delay and intermittent closure of theaters due to the corona pandemic.

“MATA HARI, do n’t blindfold my eyes” is her project for this year 2022, which she plans to release at the end of September or beginning of October.

1 – Photo by Ricardo Cuadros

2 & 3 – Photos producing THE RED BOX at Microteatro, by Juan Carlos Tajes.

In her own words:

“I love research, and I believe that everything is connected in History. Theatre is my passion and I believe it is the perfect medium to put the spotlight on characters that have been forgotten or hidden and that deserve to shine with their own light. My task as a creator is to contribute to it.”

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