Claribel Rodríguez Castillo

Character: La Güera Rodríguez


Claribel is a woman in love with life. She wants to express and share her self-expression and inner world with the people. She believes in the power of love and compassion to improve our world.She has been a theater maker in heart and soul all her life, starting as a small child on stage in the garden.

Claribel is from Colombia and she lives in Holland for already 16 years. She has been acting for 26 years, on theater and TV. She began her education with Alfonso Ortiz in his school “Caja de Herramientas”. Next she started her formation as actor and director in Cuba at the Film, Theater And Television School “San Antonio De Los Baños”. She also looked for other opportunities to grow as an artist, she took theater workshops like Meisner Technique with Stiven Ditemyer, Clown in the school Asura and Dance Lessons with Inés Bosa (Madrid España).

Another teacher who greatly influenced her way of making theater was Miguel Borras, who caused a strong mark on her concepts about theater in just a few meetings.In Colombia , she formed the theater group, Corporación Gato Teatro; together with Alicia Rengifo. With this group they made several productions like:

  • Reunion
  • Evening for Alejandro monologue
  • The Orgy of the 30s
  • Venus the Women’s Magazine
  • and others.

In The Netherlands she also worked independently with other theater performers in e.g.

  • The Guisas
  • The Rodríguez (Direction: Martha Villada Márquez of Cronopio Theater)
  • The pregnant women (Direction: Paula Lima, of Dimension 4 Theater)

In Colombia she also participated in different television series such as:

  • The mild waters
  • The widow in white
  • Lovers of the desert, (Director: Aurelio Valcarcel. C)
  • Green fire
  • Milk

She also acted in some short films.

She believes theater is a very useful tool for dialogue and bringing people closer, for improving the position of vulnerable people in society, and giving them a voice. She has used theater as such in the methodology of Participative Drama Education,(based in the Theater of the Oppressed of Augusto Boal) taught by (in Rotterdam) and also working there. Also she has given theater workshops with this technique.

Currently she is studying Culture Social Worker, learning complementary skills for her theater work with the community.Since 2015 she is part of the creative team ZID theater (Amsterdam). There she is working as director, theater teacher and actress in different productions like:

  • Here we are, Liefde Nu (this project received the Cultuurprijs Provincie Utrecht 2018)
  • Lost City and ABC, all of them directed by Karolina Spaic
  • Bread and Songs, West Talks, directed by Daan Bosch.

With some of these performances she has been on tour in Europe. In ZID she found the prolific space to grow as an artist and reconcile her furtive love for dance.

She has also acted and directed her own plays, like:

  • The Rodríguez
  • The last bet
  • Pure tale
  • Me, You … Me too.

Theater is for Claribel a way of life. She even has taught Spanish using theatrical techniques. She loves to work with her hands, to draw, to make puppets, masks and costumes for theater. Her first studies were Cost Management and Audit, but this was a stupid decision considering she is dyslexic and also she has dyscalculia. When she finished this education, she said to herself: If I can do this, I can do anything; and having realized this she took the decision to became an actress.


1 – THE RED BOX – photo by Tatjana Todorovic

2 – The Guisas – photo owned by the actress

3 – Here we are – ZID Theater – photo by María Morales

4 – The Guisas – photo owned by the actress

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