THE RED BOX had its origin as a theatrical monologue, written in December 2019 with the idea of  reflecting the empowerment of many women who practice prostitution, beyond the stigma or exclusion of a world society that continues, through the centuries, without thinking who they really are.

The idea that gave rise to the monologue was: “What does a prostitute think in a shop window when she has no client? What goes through her head? Why not the connection with a character in History who, also, for different reasons was she a prostitute, showing her reality, her struggles and her empowerment? “

A limited space that simulates the door of a prostitution showcase, with a high stool, where the actress only has this box to express her character, establishing the limits of that small space with very subtle and contained movements, almost like those of the Tai Chi.

I imagine the acting as a statement, as a confession, as a music, as a dance, as an act of seduction, as a sexual act, all at once, inside of The Red Box.

THE RED BOX first monologue was performed on February 28 and 29, 2020, participating in the D10 International Theater Festival in Amsterdam.

Photo: Manjit Krishna Kaur

Photo: Manjit Krishna Kaur

Photo: Xandra van Rossem

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