From the idea of the first monologue, a complete work was developed, made up of 4 monologues and an interaction of 4 actresses, who play 4 characters from 4 different origins and periods of History, in a retrospective with a starting point at the beginning of the XIX century and stops in the V century BC.

THE RED BOX performance is a play about the visibility and empowerment of prostitutes throughout history. An original text based on the lives of 4 important characters from past centuries, who overcome the barriers of discrimination, submission and slavery to exercise a true claim for space and rights in societies.

In Amsterdam, currently amid the debate over whether prostitution windows should remain part of the Red Light District landscape, or whether they should be moved elsewhere and under other conditions, sex workers defend their right to stay in what they consider to be their space, like any other worker.

The connection between the environment of these historical figures and the current setting may seem like a mere coincidence that, however, seeks to provoke reflection in the public.

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