The Play

Could Shakespeare have had a sister who wrote as well as he did?

SHAKESPEARE’S SISTER is a play that interweaves Shakespeare’s female characters with the stories of the first actresses who debuted them, and the possible life of a female writer imagined by Virginia Woolf in one of her plays.

It’s a testimony to the conditions in which these women wrote in silence, or had to wait to perform on stage, in the mid-17th century.

It’s a story of solidarity, of the fight against sexism and discrimination in art and literature.

It’s a play about duality, about transvestism on stage, about “to be or not to be”.

A story of women coming out of the darkness.

After the premiere of THE RED BOX in the 2020-2021 season and MATA HARI, DON’T BLINDFOLD MY EYES in 2022, SHAKESPEARE’S SISTER is the third play written and directed by Carmen Toledo in Amsterdam and is preparing to premiere at the end of September 2023 at Juan C. Tajes Microteatro (Warmoesstraat, 109 – 1012 JA, Amsterdam), as a official venue, and then move to other spaces.

The play will be performed in English and starring the actresses: Shirley Blake and Delphine Ural (who’s participating for the second time in THEREDBOX Projects).

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