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Cristina Bolis

Cristina, an Italian national, lives in Amsterdam since several years.

Graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 2000, she worked in Lisbon, in Rio de Janeiro and for most time she is been practicing in one of the biggest and more renowned architectural firm of the Netherland and worldwide.

She discovers a passion for theatre and performing art in 2009 when she starts at the Debbie Mulholland Acting School mainly centered on the Lecoq technique and device work, via Debbie she came in contact with Jacqueline Mc Clintock a Meisner Technique teacher very respected and acclaimed in Montreal, Toronto and NYC.

In the meantime she plays some funny roles in little comedy productions:

– an evil GMO Plant in “to Bio or Not to Bio” at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival in 2009

– the stuck up Maria in ‘Putas” another comedy from Sensenom Productions in 2010 (performed in Spanish).

After several advanced seminars with Jacqueline and a Masterclass in Rome with Anna Strasberg, Cristina decides to take a sabbatical and enrolls at the Neighbourhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in NYC were she follows the first year of the full-time conservatory program.

Back in Amsterdam she was part of a few theater productions and video and art performances in English and Italian:

– “The massacre of Ganda” by Anthony Nestel

– “Antigone”, directed by Theodora Voutsa (the Journalist)

– “La Rosa Tatuata”, directed and interpreted by Carmenlinda Gentile with the Korego Theater Group (Flora)

– “The Seafroth knows neither pain nor time” by Anthony Nestel, performed at the Flam Festival in 2017 (Babuska)

– “The Ingenious Mind” directed by Theodora Voutsa for the 5xTF at the Stadsschouwburg Theater in 2018. (Chorus)

– “Lysistrata”, directed by Carmenlinda Gentile with the Korego Theater group and performend at the CC Amstel Theater in 2019 (Lysistrata)

In her own words:

“Acting is for me one of the most powerful tool for self-knowing and self –knowledge through the lens of empathy, body movements, and visceral emotional journeys. The search of truthful behavioral actions and responses revealing the deep multifaceted motions of the soul is one of the most intriguing quests you can be passionate about, beside that it is so fun and liberating…”

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